Bowing out of Funny Music

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Let’s call it an indefinite hiatus. I’m putting aside comedy music to focus solely on Erfworld.

It’s a very difficult thing to do, but there are compelling personal and professional reasons for it. I have resigned my spot as a core member of the Funny Music Project, and I will not be performing or recording at all until 2013 at the soonest. It is possible I will not return to music at all.

I am proud of the FuMP, and proud of the Logan Awards. Both are in good hands, and I know that my many talented friends will carry those banners forward, to the benefit of comedy musicians and fans everywhere.

Thanks to everyone who supported my music over the past 7 years. It was a lot of fun, and I will miss the smiles and laughter.


Not a Repeat - Gamer Funk #1 Again!

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How awesome is this?  My song “Gamer Funk” was the #1 most requested song on the Dr. Demento Show for October, its second month in a row at #1.  There’s now a distinct possibility it could snag #1 for the year, so if you like Gamer Funk, please request it!  Your “radio station” is “internet download.”

Speaking of which, while you’re there at DrDemento.com, why not download a whole show for $2 and improve your crappy day?  The November 1 show had three of my songs (two as the Bald Half of Baldbox), so that would my PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION.  Thanks, all you requesters.  You’re making a dream come true.


Erfworld Book 2 Launches

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After one false start due to a server going down, we have moved the site to a new beast of a machine and launched Erfworld Book 2: Love is a Battlefield, featuring new illustrator Xin Ye.  Check out her mad chops at page 1.


Gamer Funk is #1

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My song Gamer Funk was the #1 most requested song on the Dr Demento Show for September 2009.  That’s a happy first for me.  :)


NPR Likes PartiallyClips

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Hey nice.  NPR throws PartiallyClips a mention on their blog about webcomics.

An update? Why not.

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I had intended to use this site a lot more than I have. The problem is that writing about myself is a chore.

But let’s have an update, for the sake of having at least one a year, right?

The big news is that the new Erfworld.com site launched on May 1. This is going to be the permanent home of the comic after Book 1 is finished. We’ve got a wiki (which exploded with articles immediately on launch), forums, archives, and a subscriber/supporter plan called the Toolbox. That’s going very well, and a big shoutout to Harknell for making it all happen!

Another thing that has happened since the last time I dusted this page off is Baldbox: The Dumb Album, which is a comedy CD project that I created with ShoEboX of Worm Quartet. It was meant to be dumb, but it did come out pretty funny and people in comedy music have had good things to say about it. Tracks from the CD have been all over the Dementia Top 20 chart since the release.

I did 20 conventions in 2008, nearly all of them as a guest or panelist. I am trying to do fewer this year but it’ll still be over a dozen. I find it hard to say no. Check out the PartiallyClips forums page for my current con schedule.

Thanks to the lovely and talented and smart and wonderful Sara Trice, a brand new personal portal/blog is being built right here.  Check back soon for some actual information about me.

Also, FIRST!!