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April 16, 2007

The great forum purge of '07
The forums are currently undergoing much needed matenence to deal with the auto-generated spam issue. They should be back up shortly.

The forums are back up minus all the spam. It is possible that some legitamate posts got nuked along with the spam but I tried to preserve as much as I could.

Update MK II
I have gone through and removed a mass of spammer accounts from the forums. Hopefully this has gotten all the still active ones that were still botting away.

-The Fool76
March 7, 2006

Get Nifty is now in stores!! The full shipment of Get Nifty is now completed, delivered, and shipped to stores and conventions in the U.S. The only place to buy it online, though, is at the Sluggy store. Everyone who pre-ordered back in 2005 should have gotten your copy in time for Christmas. Everyone else...it's shipping immediately so grab your copy today.
November 18, 2005

Get Nifty is on its way! Pete and Rob and Shirt Guy Tom have all seen copies of the actual game, and we've given the manufacturer the go-ahead to start making it! Pre-orders are now open through the Sluggy store, and there's still a good chance that we can get orders delivered by Christmas. Stay tuned!
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