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Get Nifty


Welcome to GetNifty.com!
Pete Abrams and Rob Balder, in association with Blood & Cardstock Games, are pleased to announce the release of Get Nifty, the Sluggy Freelance Card Game! Now available for sale in the Sluggy store!

More than 3 years in the making, this stand-alone (noncollectable) card game captures the spirit of Sluggy. The deck contains 110 high-quality cards, plus markers and tokens, each featuring crisp, beautiful, and funny art from the hand of creator Pete Abrams. Collect useful and dangerous objects like the Love Potion and Anti-Vamp Cannon. Play improbable combinations like Kiki and Lord Horribus vs. Oasis and Gofotron! Change the Plot at will!

2 to 6 players can play this fast-paced strategy game. Whether you're a hardcore Sluggite or have never even read the comic, everything you need to enter the Sluggyverse is in the box. It's up to you to Get Nifty.
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